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The About Section

About the Page
I was searching for information on "Bust A Move" and at the time, I couldn't find any really good source of info on it. So, since I have never made a page dedicated to something (other than myself) I decided it was time to make one. Now, since that time, more webpages have popped and hopefully I can collect the links and make an exhaustive list of links in my links section.

As always this page is under constant construction. I will gladly take people's email and opinions on this page, however, anything threatening goes to the abuse department. I hope to develop a discussion board and possibly a chat room, but this is the first version,so you tell me what you think.

I am making no money from this page whatsoever. This is dedicated solely to the game "Bust A Move." I think the game is great and believe that everyone should go out and buy a copy of it. Now, I say, now! Where? Go to a place that orders items overseas. Some comic shops do it.

About the Author I'm Amy, my handle is Cable. I'm married, I go to anime conventions, I write webpages. :)

Bust-A-Move Dance And Rhythm Action is the property of ENIX co. of Japan Metro, Frame Graphics, Avex D.D.Inc. Author of page is not authorized by Enix co. Metro, Frame Graphics, Avex D.D. Inc.