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The Capoeira's are dancer aliens named Kiki and Rara. I don't know much about their history, but according to Jennifer (check about section) they are aliens who say they are seeking the power of the Groovetron for peace, but actually they are collecting Japanese signboards for a huge fan.

Well, I got my first correction letter, from my friend Marcus. Here is what he has to say about the Capoeiras:

"Capoeira, the actual fighting technique, was devloped by slaves, yes, but they weren't in shackles a la "Shadow Skill."

"The deal was that African slaves in Brazil weren't allowed to practice the african martial arts (yes they have 'em there too) so they would disquise the techniques in dance, so that when the slave masters came around and saw them they'd think it was just some ritual dance the slaves were doing. No harm in that, right? Pretty slick of them. After a while, it was adopted by the brazilians as a martial art, seperate from what was being practiced in the camps. Another interesting thing: when they would actually fight using Capoeira, they tied blades to their legs to make the kick even more lethal."

If you dance well in the Capoeira stage, the doors of the spaceship fall open. These guys just are really cute. ^_^

Capoeira's Pics
The Capoeiras!
More Capoeira action
Yes, and welcome back, the Capoeiras
The Capoeira attack!
The Capoeira's stage
One Capoeira (sent by Hagiri Kaname)