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Frida also seems to be one of the main characters, only because she is the one standing next to Heat in the opening screen of the game. Of course, that may only be just a coincidence, but that is my assumption. My page, my assumption rules all. Anyway, she's an artist in a shack. The shack blows away if you are an outstanding dancer.

Her attack is a tiger she draws. This is similar to Relm in Final Fantasy 6 (3) where Relm "paints" an attack. {Similar, I said, don't email me on silly logistics.} Her story is that she wishes to use the power of the Groovetron to combine her dancing and her art. Groovy.

Her dancing style, again according to Jennifer, is California Hip Hop.

Frida's Pics!
More Frida!
Here's a story, `bout a girl named Frida.
Frida's attack
Frida's attack without bar.