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Hamm is my least favorite character, there is just so much about him that just seems wrong. His story is that he used to be a really cool dancer, but his obsession for hamburgers just went too far. Now, he is hoping the power of the Groovetron will help him loose weight.

His attack is funny though, he drops a huge hamburger on you. He pats his bellythat is sticking out of his shirt before he dances. In the background you will see Burger Dog, which is one of the secret characters in the game. Check out the tips section on how to get him.

I believe when you dance well in Hamm's section the floor changes colors and such. Nothing too noticeably spectacular. However, if you know better, shoot me an email. I will correct the info and credit you. Hamm's dance style is Detroit Modern.

Hamm's Pics
Hamm again
Hamm's attack
Hamm's attack without bar