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Hiro is an ego maniac. His symbol is "I love me." He checks his mirror before he preforms and blows a kiss to the audience. You hear several young girls call out, "Hiro-kun!" His song is "Natural Playboy." In it, he boasts that everyone desires to be like him.

The John Travolta look alike with a lit cigarette dangling from his lower lip, dances in a stage that resembles the old disco clubs of the late 70s early 80s. (In my warped mind, I thought of Airplane! The flashback where Striker first meets Elaine.) But I think it is more patterned after Saturday Night Fever. *duh!*

Hiro attacks with a picture of himself. Hiro's story from my interpretation (from the ending) is that the REAL Hiro is a computer geek, and plays in a virtual reality dance where he is adored by his imaginary fans.

A fun thing to note, is if you play against Strike, have Strike win. After Strike wins he shoots out in the audience. Hiro's fans are still calling out Hiro's name. So, if it's played correctly, it sounds as if Strike is shooting at one of Hiro's followers. Okay, a sick fun thing to note... ^_^

Hiro's Pics

Hiro again
More Hiro
Hiro's attack
Hiro's attack without bar