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Kelly is, well, very interesting. She apparently is a secretary for some organization. She also induges herself with her fetishes. Her fetish involves rubber, however looking at her stage, it seems to involve getting in touch with her inner child. She hopes to be able to use the power of the Groovetron to help, uh... with her fetish.

On Kelly's stage, you see several disturbing images, like fishbones with a teddy bear head, blood coming from plants, and hatchets. In the middle you have a baby bottle that squirts out milk when you dance well, the stage also spins if you are extraordinary. Again, this is only a game, nothing can be taken too seriously, it's disturbing, but funny, kind of like History of the World, Part 1. Well, maybe not exactly, how about Nazi's on ice?

Kelly is one of my favorite dancers though, her dance style is modern Jazz. She uses her rattle and hearts to attack. So, you are being attacked, but you are being attacked gently I suppose.

Kelly's Pics
More Kelly
A view of Kelly's wall
Another view of Kelly's surroundings
Kelly's ceiling
Kelly's attack, rattle action
Kelly's attack, hearts
Kelly's attack, rattle action without bar
Kelly's attack, hearts without bar
Kelly's stage spinning.
Kelly's stage spinning, uhm... more