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Robo Z

Robo Z is the villian of the game. Nothing like dancing against a mech/robot that can smash you to smithereens. The song is incredible and definitly one of my favorites (next to Kitty N's).

Robo Z is part of an organization "Secret X" in order to gain the power of the Groovetron to use for evil. I guess to make people dance to death if they do not succumb to the will of the Secret X.

He attacks his enemy with a ray gun beam. His stage could be downtown any city, but in this case it is probably Tokyo. I would like to see a giant robot just fall and start dancing in the middle of the street in Dallas.

Glenn Israel wrote and noted "Oh, and strictly fyi, Robo Z does a variation of breakdancing called popping-and-locking in the cg intro, and a combination of the above, vogueing, and t'ai-chi(!) in the game." Thanks Glenn!!

Robo Z's Pics
Robo Z!
Robo Z again!
Robo Z, uhm... clever remark (laugh I say, LAUGH!)
Robo Z
Robo Z's attack