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Shorty is my favorite character. In my opinion, she has some of the easiest combinations. Granted, most of the combos are the same, but solo wise, her's are easier. My friend, Marcus, told me that he saw her style of dancing on BET when he was younger.

The rodent inside her front overalls pocket is Columbo, a secret character in the game. If you complete a seven level combo, he jumps out of her pocket and dances to the side with Shorty. Check out the pics in Columbo's section.

She lives with a rich family and is just bored. She's 12 and has nothing better to do than dance. Her style is a candy hip hop. Her stage starts flooding with candy and a snowman dances when you dance well.

She attacks with a pile of huge candies with bright wrappers. Some of my pictures of shorty have her in a "Fever Time." If you dance incredibly well in a stage you are granted a "Fever Time" where characters do something of a freestyle routine. When I was taking screenshots, I played through the game as shorty.

Shorty's Pics

Shorty again!
Fever Time on Capoeira's stage
Fever Time on Hiro's stage
Shorty's attack
Shorty's attack without bar