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*note* I apologize right now, I don't have that many links. However, the more time that goes by, the more Bust a Move/Groove links will show up. If you have a Bust a Move webpage, email me the URL and I will list you as a link.

Bust A Move

Enix Company of Japan

Jennifer Dietz's page This page has invaluable information. I referenced her site with several of the character's stories and their dance styles.

Anime Playstation

Game Shark Codes for Bust A Move

Bust a Move promo movie.

Other Stuff

My other personal webpage

Anime Turnpike


sTaRoNeR's "Site Of the Moment"

Special Thanks!

Satan City Productions! Without their tournament, I wouldn't have thought twice about making a fan website.
Old School Productions Another gaming tournament running organization.

Project A-kon For helping me indulge my anime habit for so long and having SCP over to run a tournament.

And of course, Duane, Umi, and Pablo, for tips, encouragement, and just because!^_^

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