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12/3/98Takes a licking and keeps on ticking! I really really really hope that this is the last home that this fan site will make. I keep on losing files!! Anyway, it's what I get for griping about the year. From the message board posts, I am really behind as far as Bust A Move Data, so I am probably going to go out and purchase myself a copy of the game and post info and my thoughts. So far it seems that the general consensus is "eh, it's not too bad."

The sound files are not up at this time, but I am going to work on that. I have to buy more webspace from Tripod (which will probably happen in the next week.) I then have a friend that said he would make the mp3s of the songs. Also another friend of a friend of a friend has the translated lyrics on her page, so I am going to add her link to the links section very soon. I would copy the files, but man with all the work she put into it, I don't want to steal her thunder. Okay, I have files to upload and links to update, so more news later!

11/15/98All I have to say is 1998 sucked for me, and I really apologize for not keeping up with my promise to update the page with mp3's (which from the message board, is becoming a necessity!) I have also been sent some great costumes, but because my machine at home crashed in a big way, have to find a way to recover the pics so if you could resend me emails and such. I think I have a couple of pics on my work computer, but I don't have your name... *shrinking*... so sorry!
Anyway, hopefully the computer will be back to normal this week and I will concentrate on finding a way to convert the sounds to mp3s and looking for MORE Bust a Move Links. I found one yesterday that I think deserves a link (I think that's yours, KittyN?) Thanks for the patience, folks, webmistresses shouldn't be so tormented. (LOL, really I am not a psycho case.)

9/26/98 Okay, that was fun. I had to move the BAM page because the past site it was on got hacked, and monsieour hacker decided that it would be fun to log in as root and run rm -rf. Thus deleting the whole drive, thus pissing off the owner of watertower, thus causing him to bring it down terminally. So, I had to find another place to host this site. The folks here at were really nice to let me move the site here. *sigh* Anyway..

I will be going to Neko Con, which is coming up this weekend. It is in VA Beach,VA and SCP will be running a tourney there, I am pretty sure. I will be in costume on Saturday as Mama-san from Child's toy (Kodoma no Omacha) so look for me there! As for the page, after all the clean up, I promise to work on mp3's!!!

8/15/98 Well, I am incredibly slow when it comes to updating page it looks like. Anyway, I went to Otakon last weekend and missed the Bust A Move tournament, becaused I didn't think it would be so early. However, SCP (Satan City Productions) didn't have hardly any control over running the tournament. However, I know they will be able to work their magic at Neko Con which will be the next con I go to. I am putting up some costuming pics that were sent to me, Heat costumes. There was also a beautiful Kitty N, but I am still waiting on pics for that.

7/11/98 Hagiri Kanami sent me several really nice fan pictures, a pic of a capoeira and Kitty N, and a movie file that you can download in the links section. Thanks Hagiri Kanami!!! I also have a new costuming picture, but I am not sure who the costumers are, so if someone could email me to clear that up, I will be grateful.

Enix are starting on Bust A Move 2. For more info check out the article posted on Gamespot's site..

For those of you waiting on the American Release, "Bust A Groove," Check out this Game Informer article. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a confirmation on what exactly has been changed.

Other dance games coming out, check out these articles on the new "Hello Kitty" dance game, "Kitty the Kool" from Imagineer. PSM Online Gamespot. And finally, Konami is coming out with a "Dance RPG" called Dance! Dance! Dance! Due out this summer in Japan, read all about it here UGP Online.