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Umi's Tips

Umi's Tips for the Rythmnless..

Basic tip: The 4-count chat:

Hey, if you can't keep the beat, chant 1, 2, 3, 4 in your head. It works.

Street Fighter Moves:

For those of us who have played fighting games, there are ceartain controller movements that will be drilled into our heads forever. Well, nows a good time to use them. If you're intimidated by Up Up Down Left Down Right Right, go for alternate movements. The computer will read a fireball motion as Down Right, because there are only four movements in the game. Only thing to remember is to not do it in the solo dance section unless you can keep up with the special dance commands, you won't get many points for repeating a special move again and again.. I had heat doing a 'windmill' a good 5 times in a row, gets you no-where ^_^

And Attacks:

If you attack, you loose points, so try and only use them when you have too.. a good time to attack is *right* before a solo dance.