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What, pray tell, is a "Bust A Move"?

bust a move : v {bust a moov} 1. to dance like you have never danced before 2. to get off your lazy butt and do something 3. to break a cow 4. a kickin' new game for the PSX.

"Bust A Move, Rhythm and Dance Action" is a game for the Playstation from Metro, Frame Graphics, Avex D.D.Inc., and ENIX. At this point, the game is only released in Japan, however, American fans can purchase the game through general anime/manga distribution shops. This page will be updated when the U.S. version "Bust A Groove" reaches my hands. Even though the game is Japanese, and several of the songs are in Japanese (examples are on my site), any non-Japanese speaking person (like myself) can navigate through the game rather easily.

The game is as it's name says, it is a rhythm and dance game. You have your choice of ten characters. There are four hidden characters as well. Out of the ten main characters you have a dance off with several opponents until you face the fearsome Robo Z.

Each song in the game is in 4/4 time. Meaning, there are 4 beats of music which you can preform a "move" in. On the fourth beat, you have to press either "o" or "x", whichever the meter instructs you to do. You don't have to complete the moves instructed, but we will discuss that later.

You also have the opportunity to attack your opponent at any given time. You are given up to two attacks per round. You pull off an attack by pushing the "triangle" ON THE BEAT. To defend attacks, you push the "square", again, ON THE BEAT.

Got it? Can't get the beat, can't get the game. But there is hope for those of us without rhythm. The practice session on the game is unsurpassed. Like any other game, some people take to it quickly, while others take longer (like me). My advice is to keep playing at it and practicing. I have a short attention span, and I played the game for 8 consecutive hours. And unlike other games (fight or puzzle), I actually can beat my husband on this game!!!